Reserach Interest:

  • mm-Wave and 60GHz circuit and applications in advanced CMOS process.
  • Algorithmic and high speed mixed signal, high speed circuits & methods for power efficiency boosting of transmitters in CMOS process.
  • Digital RF design and digital assisted systems including calibrations and BIST for wireless mobile platforms in CMOS
  • Integrated full duplex (FD) and frequency division Duplex (FDD) systems

Research Examples:

60 GHz phased array transceiver with 32 TX/RX chains     PA_60GHz
120 GHz transceiver with 16QAM modulation for tens of GB/s communication Tx_120GHz_16QAM
Injection lock VCO at 10th harmonic InjectionLockVCO
Accurate WiFi Power Detector and Dual Directional Coupler with Self-Calibration WifiPD
Stochastic TDC with sub-ps resolution STDC
Fast switching 5-6 GHz PA
Four chain phased array transmitter 28 GHz
Full duplex Digital transmitter 2.4GHz
N-path mixer for FD/FDD applications
Sub-Sampling PLL at 30 GHz